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Schmincke Mussini Luxory Chest


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Mussini resin-oil colours are truly the pinnacle of Schmincke's paint making experience. Mussini offers brilliance and purity with the highest lightfastness. Schmincke oils are stored for three months before the tubes are filled. This allows each pigment's oil absorption rate (the amount of oil needed to bind the pigment) to be optimized. Varying amounts of damar resin are then added to ensure that all colours dry at the same time. This guarantees tension-free and durable colour layers. Mussini offers an Old Masters palette that dates back over 100 years: an extensive range of transparent and semi-transparent glaze pigments. This luxory chest contains: 35 x 15ml tubes, 6 x 35ml tubes, palette knife, painting knife, palette cups, palette, mediums, brushes and charcoal. Colours in the set are: 15ml (brilliant yellow, yellowish green, vanadium yellow light, cadmium yellow tone, translucent yellow, indian yellow, cadmium yellow 3 deep, cadmium orange, translucent orange, cadmium red tone, florentine red, madder lake brilliant, madder lake dark, caesar purple, translucent violet, byzantine blue, ultramarine blue deep, cobalt blue light, prussian blue, manganese cerulean blue, translucent turquoise, cobalt turquoise, helio green deep, helio green light, viridian, verona green earth, chrome green tone light, translucent golden green, deep ochre, natural burnt sienna, natural raw umber, natural burnt umber, atrament black, schmincke payne's grey and lamp black. 35ml (attish light ochre, pompeiian red, brown pink, opaque white, zinc white and translucent white).

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