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PanPastel Artist Pastels

Select a Sofft Tool, for example a Sofft Knife with matching Cover (as shown).

Load Sofft Tool with color by gently swiping over the pan surface 1-3 times with a circular motion. Swiping the pan’s surface more than necessary will generate excess dust. 

Use gentle pressure - do not dig into the color.
Work the entire surface of the pan evenly

Re-load the tool as required and apply color multiple times for a more intense color application.

Change colors quickly and easily – to use the same tool with several colors – simply “clean” between colors by wiping sponge/applicator on a dry paper towel.

Every now and then you may need to wash the Sofft Tools for a deeper clean. Wash gently with warm water and a mild soap. Squeeze. Lay on a paper towel to dry and air dry fully.

Sofft Tools can be re-used several times (depending on the surface used).

If a pan’s surface becomes contaminated with another color, gently wipe away the unwanted color with a clean Sofft sponge or a dry paper towel.

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Pan pastels Contains 80 original colours Set

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