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I am an Artist who does commissions. I do animails and portraits. I can do these direct from photos.

I use the best pencils eg Luminance by Caran d'Ache swiss made wax and oil bases pencils, Faber Castell Polychromos Oil based pencils and also Pablo Oil based pencils, also Prismacolour wax based pencils. I also do sketches using graphite pencils.

These are high quality pencils and most colours are light fast to 100 years!

 I use Acid free quality paper in Sizes A3-A2.

I also do oil paintings on various sizes of canvas'.

Prices are varied eg for A3 sketch in coloured pencils $150-$180 this depends on amount of work on the one piece of paper eg 1, 2 or 3 portraits.

on A2 size $250-$280 again depends on amount of portraits on one sheet of paper.

Oil paintings can range from $200 up, again depends on size. As with oil these can take up to a year to fully dry the top layer may seem dry but underneath may still be wet, after a year I paint a protective coat over your painting to preserve it for you at no extra charge. But you would have to bring the painting to me.

I post sketches and coloured drawings I can post oil painting but at your cost. I cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items.

Items will be sent registered post and insured. Canvases will be sent by courier.

Regular updates of my work will be sent to you upon request.

Please feel free to contact me on or





Oil paintings on thick cavases

Portraits done in coloured pencils

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